Year 2 Course Structure
Year 3 Course Structure


Challenges are problem-based learning projects where first year students work in multidisciplinary teams on global engineering challenges, such as energy, sustainability and health. Scenarios are week-long problem based learning projects where first and second year students work in teams on realistic engineering design projects, e.g. a bridge, a wind farm, a sustainable building. Students apply, integrate and consolidate the knowledge they acquire in the course and elsewhere to solve complex problems that an Engineer encounters in professional practice.

Third year students take several core modules and choose from a number of specialist modules. They also work on a Research Project which is supervised by a member of our academic staff.

In fourth year, MEng students select several advanced specialist modules and completed the Integrated Design Project, where they work in teams on the design of a real civil engineering project throughout the year, such as a Skyscraper in Waterloo, a Pier in Monaco, Flood Defences in Genoa and Rail in the South East of England.
MEng students can also choose to study abroad in third year with one of UCL's partner universities in Asia, Europe, North America and Australia. Students can also take a year out in industry between Years 3 and 4.

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