All our research projects grow from transdisciplinary questions, and thus involve a number of specialisations, including: 
  • ​architecture
  • urban​ design and planning
  • mechanical, civil and transport engineering
  • music and sound design
  • social sciences
  • material science
  • neurology
  • ophthamology
  • whatever may be necessary...

Below is a brief description of our main research themes:

Universal Composition

Having created the concept of universal composition, we are developing this concept through both theoretical and action research, including the development of audio-visual representation techniques and multisensorial design. We are convinced that in the creation of places for people, our approach to urban design must adapt to our changing environments.

Future Cities

We are developing models for how people could live in the future and what cities will need to be like to meet the needs of future generations. How do we sense time and what are our aspirations for our future urban rhythms? How can we design city systems to help achieve an improvement in our quality of life and compose wellbeing?​​ 

Transdisciplinary education

We are creating new models for transdisciplinary education both at the academic and professional level.​​​​​ These are aimed at building the capacity of both students, researchers, practitioners and authorities towards the composition of a better world together.    

Please see our Projects page for a more comprehensive list of projects.​