UCL-squared works on projects for everyone, everywhere, encompassing everything.
These range from the design of small-scale sensorial interactions to large-scale transport infrastructure systems.
Below is a list of our current projects - please contact us for further information.

Universal Com​p​osition

Audio-visual representation 

We are exploring how audio-visual representation techniques can assist the spatio-temporal composition of our urban environment. We are developing tools for audio-visual design/composition, allowing designers to design in time, and composers to compose in space.

Multisensorial design

We are experimenting with different sensoaesthetic materials​ and how their unique properties can contribute to the multisensorial design of the urban environment. What if our urban environment responded tdifferent environmental conditions and appealed differently to our senses over time.​

3D Multisensorial Logos: W
e are developing multisensorial UCL-squared logos which will look, feel, smell, sound and perhaps even taste differently according to our interaction with them and their environments.

Environmentally-responsive public art:​ We question why a piece of public art must look the same during the day and night - especially as the environmental conditions surrouding it change. Instead, we propose the use of thermochromic and glow-in-the-dark paints. Why should a sculpture not evolve with its environment?

Future Cities

Sensing Time

What is 'waiting'?: We question our perception of time, as well as the role of technology in changing this perception, and explore how this can inform the design of more enjoyable urban environments which encourage 'doing' rather than 'waiting'.

Encouraging people to walkWe are studying how people could be encouraged to change their behaviour and walk more so that they can interact more completely with the environment.​​​

Redefining the bus stop

Interactive bus stops​​: We are testing out interactive ideas on two bus stops in Regent Street, London, as part of a public participation exercise obtaining feedback on what might be possible in the detailed design of the public realm.

Edible bus stops: We are developing plans for the implementation of 'edible bus stops' in central London, starting with our very own UCL bus stop in Gower Street.

Transforming the Engineering of Cities 

Transforming the engineering of cities(EPSRC EPJ017698, £6.2m, 2012-17) is an EPSRC-funded programme grant involving UCL, Birmingham, Lancaster and Birmingham universities. UCL-squared is involved with envisioning the cities of the future and working out how to compose cities so that they enable people to achieve a higher quality of life​.

Transdisciplinary Education

Technological Diplomacy

Recreando Movilidad​: We are running a series of capacity-building workshops in Colombia and Panama​ to help city governments rethink their urban design for the twenty first century. Funded by the UK Foreign Office.

Masters in Arts & Sciences

We are creating a new transdisciplinary Masters programme in Arts and Sciences (MASc), introducing universal composition skills to graduate students. Scheduled to start in September 2015 - please contact us at ucl-squared@ucl.a.cuk if you are interested!