UCL-squared involves the collaboration of our multidisciplinary team, whose skills span from engineering to the arts. Below is an introduction to our team.

Nick Tyler

Nick Tyler CBE studied at the Royal College of Music and performed for a number of years as a professional oboist. After a spell in industry, he came to UCL to research the design of high capacity bus systems using artificial intelligence and, since 2003, has been the Chadwick Professor of Civil Engineering. He founded the Accessibility Research Group and invented the Pedestrian Accessibility and Movement Environment Laboratory (PAMELA) at UCL, which enables detailed study of person-environment interactions. He mixes artistic and engineering approaches to create a transdisciplinary model for design and decision-making challenges.

Sara Adhitya

Sara Adhitya (PhD) is an urban designer with a multidisciplinary background in environmental design, architecture, urbanism, music and sound design. She has collaborated with design, research and governmental organizations around the world towards improving the quality of our urban environments. In 2013, she was awarded a European doctorate in the 'Quality of Design' of Architecture and Urban Planning, from the University IUAV of Venice and the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales of Paris, in which she explored the sonification of urban rhythms. Since 2011, she has also been developing tools for image sonification and graphic composition, in collaboration with Dr. Mika Kuuskankare​ and the Ircam-Centre Pompidou​. As a Research Associate at UCL, she is helping UCL-squared to compose more 'musical' cities.​

Liliana Ortega 

Adriana Ortegon

We also collaborate with many other specialists and organisations depending on the project. So far, these have included:

as well as various groups within UCL, including: