Interactive Bus stops

On the 22nd June UCL-squared participated in Transport for London's 'Day of the Bus'. 
Regent Street was closed off for the day to traffic, and instead the street became full of a calvacade of London buses.
With 2 bus stops to 'play' with, we created a 'musical' bus stop with musical chairs and signage, and a bus stop under constant physical transformation. These 2 interactive bus stops were connected with each other and the rest of Regent Street via an urban game designed to stimulate thought about the role of buses in our urban lives. 
Watch a video of our intervention here:​

Design​ and Management: Nick Tyler, Sara Adhitya, Liliana Ortega Garza (UCL)

Sound Design and Production: Alexander Brigden, Matthias Moos (Goldsmiths)

"BusFuss" Urban Game: Cecilie Sachs Olsen​, Sabeth Tödtli, Nina Lund Westerdahl (zURBS)

Figure A: The 'Busk' Stop - "what could your bus stop sound like?"

Figure B: The decorated bus stop - "what could your bus stop be?'