PAMELA Projects


€7 million EU FP7. The aim of the Personal Intelligent City Accessible Vehicle (PICAV) project is to design and develop a prototype of a next-generation mobility vehicle which will share the pedestrian space. How a PICAV and other mobility scooters interact with pedestrians is being tested at PAMELA as part of the project.

The Community-based Open Mapping to Enhance Travel (COMET) brings together strands of research from mapping, social networking and biomechanics.

Passenger Boarding/alighting in congested stations
Testing boarding/alighting patterns on trains and platforms for Network Rail.

Low Vision at Night
Royal Society Funded collaborative project with the Hyogo Institute, Osaka, Japan.

£2.4 million upgrading project for PAMELA (see our industrial partner's description) to improve facilities and maintain core staff. It means we are now quicker and more efficient, allowing us to tackle more projects more quickly.

Shared Space: delineators for visually-impaired people
Testing methods to indicate different zones in a shared space level surface environment.
Transport for London

Evaluation of outcomes of a gene therapy intervention for Léber’s condition
Running ongoing before-and-after tests of patients.
Institute of Ophthalmology.

Other short projects

  • Empirical evaluation of door-open times for high demand rail systems;
  • Empirical evaluation of wheelchair access to deep-tube trains (for Tubelines Ltd);
  • Evaluation of platform humps in London Underground (for London Underground Ltd);
  • Empirical measurement of passenger movements on trains (for DfT) – now implemented in worldwide procurements of train vehicles;
  • Empirical input to design of buses for Transantiago bus rapid transit system (for Universidad de los Andes, Santiago);
  • Empirical evidence in relation to delineators for visually-impaired and mobility-restricted people in shared-space environments (for Transport for London);
  • Effects of mobile phone use on pedestrians Cost-benefit;
  • Evaluation of accessibility enhancements on metro trains.