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Photograph of Xenia Karekla

Xenia Karekla

I am a part-time PhD student and Research assistant at the Centre of Transport Studies at UCL. My PhD project, supervised by Professor Nick Tyler, studies the level of accessibility of London double-decker buses and the impact of the bus acceleration on passengers’ movements. Activities such as walking towards a seat on a flat surface and ascending and descending the bus staircase are part of an experimental process undertaken by regular bus passengers of all age groups. At the same time I am working on a feasibility project entitled ‘Rehabilitative Elegant Locomotion with Exoskeleton and Active Support for Exercise’ (RELEASE). It is a multidisciplinary project funded by EPSRC which aims at exploring the possibility of creating an exoskeleton walking support for people with locomotive disabilities. The outcome will replace the atrophic muscles of the user, be invisible to casual viewers and have the ability to change between phases.



  • Accessibility
  • Well-being
  • Sustainability
  • Public transport modes

Both quantitative and qualitative

"For my PhD project, I use qualitative methods to identify passengers’ difficulties while using double decker buses and quantitative methods to evaluate the significance of the collected data. For the feasibility study, I have used a focus group in order to investigate the problems and needs disabled people encounter in their everyday life."


E-mail: x.karekla[at]





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