The 3DIMPact Research Group (3D Imaging, Photogrammetry and Metrology, Applied Coordinate Technologies) carries out a wide variety of scientific and applied research on high-quality imaging and modelling.

The group focuses on the acquisition and understanding of accurate, precise and reliable measurements of a diverse range of natural and man-made objects and structures.
Expertise encompasses:
  • 3D imaging and engineering measurements
  • Photogrammetric image networks and sequences
  • Metrology
  • Laser scanning
  • Point cloud processing
  • Medical imaging
  • Range imaging
  • Colour and robotic sensing
  • Digital recording and 3D modelling techniques
Activities span a wide range of interests including inspection, building information modelling (BIM), smart cities, deformation monitoring and inspection of aeronautical and engineered structures, to the accurate spatial and colour recording of fine art and cultural heritage artefacts.

Next to cross-departmental collaborations at UCL, external collaborations include partners at UK HEI and partners across Europe, as well as industry partners in the UK and international, both SMEs and large companies.

Recent collaborations include Phillips, Airbus, NPL, NASA, JET, Rolls-Royce, Arup, Network Rail, Thameslink, Bruno-Kessler Foundation, British Museum, Science Museum, British Library, FARO, Hexagon, CULTNAT Egypt, Fraunhofer, CNR, IGN, SINTEF, Universities of Bergen, Parma, Lancaster, RMIT, Waikato, Brest, Delft.

Dietmar Backes Jan Boehm Mona Hess Liz Jones Stuart Robson

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