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Module Description : Coastal Engineering
Module Code(s) : CEGE3015 CEGEG029 CEGEM029
Module Coordinator : Richard Simons
Outline :

​The course develops fundamental concepts of fluid behaviour relevant to the coastal environment and applies them to the solution of practical problems in coastal engineering.

Aims And Learning Outcomes :

​At the end of the course, students should be able to: 

  • derive 1st order theory for oscillatory water waves;
  • calculate the effects of wave refraction, shoaling, reflection, diffraction;
  • explain the strengths and weaknesses of other wave theories;
  • name various instruments for measuring waves in the sea and explain strengths and weaknesses;
  • analyse wave data to determine parameters describing wave height and period;
  • predict extreme wave events for design purposes from wave data;
  • know how to predict tide levels, changes in Mean Sea Level, storm surge, and tidal currents;
  • calculate scales for hydraulic modelling and be aware of scale effects;
  • explain the capabilities and weaknesses of computer modelling for coastal processes;
  • understand the processes of cliff recession and coastal morphology;
  • understand beach processes, sediment transport and scour;
  • explain the role of DEFRA, Environment Agency, and local authorities in coastal management;
  • explain what is in a Shoreline Management Plan;
  • outline options for coastal defence;
  • design basic coastal structures;
  • explain licensing procedures for and environmental impacts of marine aggregate dredging.


Pre- And Co- Requisites :
Pre-requisite(s) for this module: Understanding of core fluid mechanics
Assessment :

Examination Details

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • No. questions on paper: 5
  • No. of questions to be attempted: 3
  • Exam counts for 50% of module


Reading List :

Kamphuis JW. 2010 ,Introduction to Coastal Engineering and Management (World Scientific)

Reeve D, Chadwick A and Fleming CA. 2004 , Coastal Engineering: Processes, Theory and Design Practice (EFN Spon)

Muir Wood A and Fleming CA. 1981 , Coastal Hydraulics (McMillan)

Sorensen R. 2005 , Basic Coastal Hydraulics (Springer-Verlag New York Inc)

Sarpkaya T and Isaacson M. 1981 , Mechanics of wave forces on offshore structures ,(van Nostrand Reinhart)

Whitehouse RJS. 1998 , Scour at Marine Structures (Thomas Telford)

Dean RG and Dalrymple RA. 2004 , Coastal Processes with Engineering Applications (Cambridge University Press)

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