Dr Stuart Grey

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    020 3108 4100
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    116 Chadwick Building,
    Gower Street,
    WC1E 6BT
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    Lecturer, Dept of Civil, Environ &Geomatic Eng, Faculty of Engineering Science

Stuart is the academic lead of the aerospace engineering minor, part of UCL's integrated engineering programme.

He is module coordinator, lecturer and workshop lead for:

  • CEGE201M - Aerospace Engineering Design and Aerodynamics
  • CEGE301M - Space Systems
  • CEGE303M - Aerospace Structures, Manufacture and Testing

In addition he lectures and runs workshops for the following undergraduate mathematics modules:

  • ENGS103P - Mathematical Modelling and Analysis I
  • ENGS203P - Mathematical Modelling and Analysis II

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Recent Publications

Displaying 7 most recent publications. For the full list please visit UCL Discovery

  1. Grey S (2015) NT12–230 Discrimination via Extremely High Accuracy Trajectory Modelling.
  2. Grey S,Ziebart M,Bhattarai S (2014) Developments in High Fidelity Surface Force Modelling and their Relative Effects on Orbit Prediction.
  3. Grey S,Ziebart M,Bhattarai S (2014) High Fidelity Modelling of Space Resident Object Surface Charging due to the Photoelectric Effect.
  4. Grey S (2013) Scoping study on ballistic missile and countermeasures trajectory evolution modeling and tracking.
  5. Grey S,Radice G (2010) Design and Testing of an Autonomous Multi-Agent Based Spacecraft Controller.
  6. Grey S (2009) Image Selection Algorithm for GMES Mission.
  7. Grey S (2009) Design of a Multi-Agent System for Cost Reduction in Multi-Craft Space Missions.


Stuart Grey is a Lecturer in the Space Geodesy and Navigation Laboratory (SGNL) and works on a number of projects in Positioning, Navigation and Precise Orbit Determination.  Stuart Grey’s primary area of research is in the field of orbital mechanics, specifically the modelling of non-conservative forces on spacecraft and space debris.  He is developing a number of force models to better predict the orbits of scientific space missions and the evolution of the space debris environment.  Stuart obtained his MEng in Aerospace Engineering from Sheffield University before spending a number of years working in consultancy for the nuclear and defence industries. He then completed his PhD in Aerospace Engineering (Multi-Agent Systems for Autonomous Spacecraft) at the University of Glasgow.  He joined UCL in 2011 as a Post-Doctoral Researcher in SGNL and accepted a Lecturer position in the same group in 2013. He passed his postgraduate certificate in teaching and learning for higher and professional education at the Institute of Education and became a fellow of the Higher Education Academy in 2015.


  • 2015: Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, Institute of Education
  • 2012: Doctor of Philosophy, University of Glasgow
  • 2004: Master of Engineering (Honours), Sheffield University

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