We offer six undergraduate degrees in civil engineering and environmental engineering which last either three or four years. Our 4 year MEng degrees are accredited, by the JBM, as fully satisfying the educational base for a Chartered Engineer (CEng). A 3 year BEng (Hons) degree partially satisfies the educational base for a CEng (and meets the educational base for an IEng) - a programme of accredited Further Learning would be required to complete the CEng. In the interview below first year students talk to graduates working in Engineering about why the degree in Civil or Environmental Engineering was for them.



At postgraduate level we offer an MSc in Civil Engineering which, along with an accredited 3 year (BEng) degree will satisfy the requirements of the professional institutions. We also offer a 2 year version of the MSc which is designed for those who want to have a career in Civil Engineering and have taken a numerate (but not accredited) degree such as Mathematics.

We offer a further ten masters (MSc) degree programmes in a range of subjects in which the department specialises.AS_RGB_Silver-Award.png


It is possible to pursue three different research degrees at UCL. MPhil and PhD are conventional research degrees. Any student will be first registered as an MPhil, but during the course will have the opportunity to demonstrate his or her academic capability. An Engineering Doctorate or EngD is a four-year research degree set up in collaboration with an industrial partner.

  1. MPhil/PhD: The difference between the two lies in the quality and amount of the research expected. Assessment criteria are less stringent for an MPhil degree so that it is easier to finish the degree in two years.

    There are two different ways to apply for an MPhil/PhD with us. You can:

    1. Either apply for a PhD position advertised on the departmental studentship page. Funders have eligibility criteria - please check these before applying.

    2. Or submit a graduate application indicating that you would like to study for an MPhil/PhD in our department. It is possible to specialise in any of the wide range of research areas in which the academic staff in the department are engaged and we expect applicants to submit a well-thought-out (but not necessarily very long) research proposal. please find guidelines here.

  2. EngD projects are advertised in waves each year around March. EngDs are usually funded projects and consequently come with strict eligibility criteria. Please check the website dedicated to the EngD Centre for more information.

For further information on research in the department, please email the department's Graduate Adviser, civeng-pg-advisor@ucl.ac.uk For further information on the MPhil/PhD application process please email our department's Research Student Administrator, cege-pg-admissions@ucl.ac.uk. For further information on EngDs please email our EngD Administrator: j.doogan@ucl.ac.uk

The diagram below shows our degree structure from bachelors to doctorates


0 1 2 3 4

Taught Postgraduate

2 3 4
MSc (+ pre-qual)

Research Degrees

UG+ 0 1 2 3 4