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Civil & Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering is a multi-disciplinary branch of engineering, concerned with devising, implementing and managing solutions to protect and restore the environment, within an overall framework of sustainable development. It is a discipline that encompasses how we manage resources such as water, materials, land, air and energy. Environmental engineers solve the issues of providing clean water supplies, preventing  pollution, recycling and safely disposing of waste, and use engineering to make our world healthier and safer. 

The history of making people’s lives better through environmental engineering is a rich and exciting one, especially here in London. One of our founding figures in the department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering is Edwin Chadwick, who worked in the 19th century with Charles Dickens to campaign for greater sanitation and to improve the health of the public, arguing that disease arises from correctable environmental causes.   Action on this idea has led to saving millions of lives.  There is a rich tradition within our Department of investigating engineering solutions in the context of social problems.  Please follow the links to discover the exciting projects currently being conducted by our researchers.


Sarah Bell Eugeny Buldakov Luiza Campos Lena Ciric
Tohid Erfani Julien Harou Liora Malki-Epshtein Priti Parikh
Tristan Robinson Richard Simons Julia Stegemann


Advanced & Innovative Materials (AIM) Centre for Transport Studies (CTS) Centre for Resource Efficiency & the Environment (CREE) Healthy Infrastructure Research Group (HIRG)
Quantitative & Applied Spatial Economic Research Laboratory (QASER) Urban Sustainability and Resilience Centre


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