The UCL 3DIMPact (3D Imaging, Metrology & Photogrammetry applied coordinate technologies) Research Group carries out a wide variety of scientific and applied research directed p3dim-shard.jpgtowards the acquisition and understanding of accurate, precise and reliable measurements of a diverse range of natural and man made objects and structures. Activities span a wide range of interests including inspection for nuclear fusion, deformation monitoring of aeronautical and engineered structures to the accurate spatial and colour recording of fine art and cultural heritage artefacts. Expertise encompasses photogrammetric image networks and sequences, vision metrology, laser scanning, range imaging and a wide range of digital recording and 3D modelling techniques.

Recent collaborations include Airbus, NPL, NASA, JET, Rolls-Royce, Arup, Thameslink, British Museum, Science Museum, Petrie Museum, Tate Gallery, British Library, 3DEncounters / IET, Arius3D, FARO, Hexagon, CULTNAT, Universities of Bergen, Parma, Lancaster, RMIT, Waikato. We also work widely across UCL with active projects in Computing Science, Architecture, Anthropology, Museums & Collections, Archaeology, Slade, Information Science and the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities.

3DIMPact focuses on the acquisition and analysis of accurate and reliable measurements using techniques such as imagery and laser scanning, applying these to natural and man-made objects, across a range of application areas.

  • 3D Imaging: We test sensor accuracy, develop new calibration strategies and develop new applications for 3D cameras
  • BIM: Building Information Modelling has been gaining momentum recently in the UK construction industry, especially with impending government legislation that encourages the use of this process on their contracts.


Dietmar Backes Jan Boehm Mona Hess Liz Jones Stuart Robson

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